Milk Pouch Recycling

Did you know that daily 1.5 crore litres of packaged milk is distributed in Maharashtra in the form of tetra Pak and plastic pouches, the latter accounting the major share?

And how do you dispose it? Straight to the bin or use it for storing wet garbage or wrap leftover food?  Often the cows or stray animals search the leftover food and mistakenly consume the plastic pouches which is detrimental to their health?

Did you know that it is recyclable?  Milk pouch is made up of #4 plastic family, LDPE and despite the fact it can be recycled it is wasted and contaminated with other wastes making it difficult to segregate and recycle?

So what you can do about it?  Give it to us and for every milk pouch you can earn 50 paise ?

You can get the money through the UPI platform or direct cash at our collection centre.




No. Due to the strict rules of FDA, only 10% of recycled material can be used for new packaging. However, most of the recycled pouches are converted to other products such as lumbers or furniture products.

Yes. You can return any branded or non-branded milk pouch provided it should contain #4 label.

The best way to store is in a closed container or carton box since the smell is 90% gone due to washing and drying.

Once contaminated throw them in the rejected waste bin.

Do reach out to our nearest collection centre.

~ Thank you for being a part of the 5R Cycle Foundation