Our Story

“5Rcycle” was born from humble beginnings; when founder Smita Birkar noticed waste wasn’t being separated at the source. This oversight meant an enormous amount was unnecessarily going to landfill when instead at least half of it could have been recycled or composted. Further, continuous littering and poor waste disposal practices lead to overflowing trash cans, polluting land and water resources irreversibly.

“5R” Cycle Foundation is a non-profit organization to promote zero waste management practices to switch from the current linear economy to a circular economy. According to the 5 R’s, four actions should be taken, if possible, prior to ‘Recycling‘: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose.

Incorporating this methodology into your daily practices, be it business or residence, will minimize landfill waste and help maintain a balanced ecosystem. Separating waste at source (the moment at which you chuck your rubbish in the bin) helps to decrease damaging greenhouse gases and the production of virgin materials.

Thank you for playing your part, by being a part of the solution.

Our Mission

  • Promote waste segregation at source.

  • Create the infrastructure for waste management.

  • Sensitization and Behavioral Change.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transition from linear economy to circular economy by establishing a zero waste management system in order to promote environment, wildlife and marine conservation.

Our Team

Dr. Smita Birkar

Founder and Director

With a Postgraduate Degree in Plastics Engineering, Smita Birkar decided to venture into solid waste management to reduce the impact pollution has on the environment, wildlife and aquatic life.

Out of office, she is an avid traveler, nature lover and enjoys a multitude of energetic hobbies like cycling, trekking and cooking.

Sachchidanand Chaturvedi


With over a decade of professional experience in cricket, Mr. Sachchidanand Chaturvedi decided to venture into solid waste management with a conscious effort to protect the environment so future generations have enough food, water, and clean air.

Out of office, he is currently a full time professional cricketer, a left arm pace bowler and enjoys a multitude of energetic hobbies like cycling and trekking.